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Wednesday 31st August – Family Bootcamp!

Time to get the kids out in the fresh air for ‘Family Bootcamp’ – a fun, friendly session for children, mums and dads! Bring the family down to Meanwood Park, Leeds 6 for an hour of enjoyment and burn some calories at the same time! Meet at 10.45am for a 11.00am start. £5 for adults, £3 for children, payable on the day. Children under 8 will be with a specialist children’s fitness instructor. Over 8’s can join in with the adults. Email: or text Nina on 0794 4447782 to confirm your attendance. Hope to see you soon!

Two weeks to go!

Count down to Fitness! Only two weeks to go before we start our fat loss campaign in time for Christmas! Wow! I am very excited about the new start! The introduction of hand weights will add a new dimension to our training! I’m sure, if you’re anything like me, you’ve eaten and drunk a little too much over the school holidays (yes, I am human!), and probably a little scared about how you’re going to perform! Well don’t worry! I’m not expecting you to be able to do press ups and planks on day one (maybe on day 7…only joking!) I think the actual word ‘Bootcamp’ can put some people off! At busywomenfitness we are a friendly group of ladies that like to work out whilst enjoying the camaraderie! Everyone is at a different level and my job is to modify a range of fat busting exercises so that you can achieve, succeed and progress, so that you become fitter, stronger and leaner. It doesn’t matter if you are in your 20’s or your 50’s…there is something for everyone! We are fun, friendly, local and inclusive….so why not book onto a programme today. You can join in at any time and participate in either one, two or three sessions a week.  We usually  run in line with the school half terms. If you require any other information or need any more convincing, give me a ring on 0794 4447782.  Our official start day is Wednesday 7th September 2010 at 9.15am – 10.10am. We meet at the entrance to Meanwood Park at the Hollin Lane entrance. Hope to see or hear from you soon.

September Bootcamp with weights and ‘boxing’

Hello Ladies,
busywomenfitness Bootcamp will commence on Wednesday 7th September until Friday 21st October 2011, from 9.15-10.05am in Meanwood Park, Leeds 6. That’s seven weeks of Bootcamp and a potential twenty fat loss fitness sessions that you can attend instead of the usual twelve sessions over four weeks offered by other Bootcamps in Leeds! As well as the ‘boxing’ drills that we currently do (check out our drills on the videos), I will also be adding weights into our sessions. These will be optional and you can gradually build the weights into your busywomenfitness workouts.
Sign up for one session per week for only £35, two sessions per week for £65 and three sessions for £99 – that’s an amazing £41 discount!

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