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Count down to Bootcamp!

Just ask yourself how many times you have started a diet before? Be honest! How many Monday’s started out with the best intentions, drinking gallons of water, cutting out chocolate, ditching the alcohol, only to start caving in by the end of the week with the odd glass of wine and take away.

The only way to lose weight effectively and forever is through a committed exercise routine and, through that, changing your attitude to food. If you ‘diet’, the weight will creep back on when you eat what you ate before. Crash diets are even worse. Losing an enormous amount of weight in a short space of time for a special occasion puts your body and mind under great strain and you’ll soon revert back to your old ways as soon as the wedding dress / bikini date has passed.

Here at Busy Women Fitness, Bootcamp will challenge your mind and body so that you are educated to eat, exercise and think  differently! If you are not use to exercising then yes, it is going to be hard! But out of nowhere you will find an inner strength you didn’t know you had; you will increase in confidence and have a new and positive outlook. It will set you up for the day and run into other areas of your life. Your body will slim down and strengthen. You will look good and feel good! As a result, you will want to change your eating habits to compliment your new healthy exercise regime. Together, you will achieve your goals and the end result will be a more toned, leaner happier you!

Join me from Wednesday 4th January 2012 for fat blasting, high energy, high calorie burning sessions in Meanwood Park at 9.15am. Let Busy Women Fitness fit into your lifestyle and let Bootcamp be the key to successful living…. by successful I simply mean living your life the way you choose to and being able to enjoy it fully.

Call Nina on 07944447782 to book your session with other like minded women!

New recruits wanted for 2012!

A date for your diary –  Wednesday 4th January 2012 –

the day after the kids go back to school!

This is the starting date for the next ‘Busy Women Fitness’ Bootcamp

for the New Year and we will continue for a full six weeks

until the kids break up on Friday 10th February 2012!

Join me for a fat burning, weight loss, detox programme for only £89 for three sessions per week. If this doesn’t fit into your busy schedule then you can attend any two sessions for just £72 or one session per week for £36. You will receive regular support emails and be guided through your goals every step of the way!  We will hopefully train outside as the fresh air and outdoor terrain will triple the benefits of any indoor exercise session.

However, we do have the option of a local hall (100m from Waitrose!) if required!

For more information, call Nina on 07944447782 or email me at

Check out my Busy Women Fitness Facebook page or follow me on twitter at ninalancaster1

Hope to see you in the new year!


Congratulations to Ceri Watson – Bootcamper of the month!

A big congratulations to Ceri Watson, our ‘Busy Women Fitness’ Bootcamper of the month for December 2011. Ceri has been attending Bootcamp for 18 months! She is incredibly fit and athletic. She brings a great sense of humour and energy to the group and and always works incredibly hard. Before joining Bootcamp, Ceri was a member of one of the biggest (and most expensive) gym in Leeds. However, she got into a rut of doing the same classes and wasn’t seeing the results! The buzz of training with other like minded ladies, the fact that we have a laugh along the way and she has got super fit and super toned in the process has resulted in her returning to Bootcamp each term!

Well done Ceri and thank you for your support!

Merry Christmas to my glamorous ladies!!

A very big thank you to my glamorous Bootcamp ladies that joined me for the Busy Women Fitness Christmas Party at Trio in Headingley. It was lovely to see everyone dressed up, out of their skins, tracksuits and hoodies….you all looked gorgeous and so glamorous!! Check out the photos below. Finally, thank you for my Space NK voucher! It was totally unexpected and I will treat myself with it over the Xmas period. Thanks for all your support over the past year! Without you there wouldn’t be a ‘Busy Women Fitness’ Bootcamp. Have a lovely Christmas and I will see you in the New Year!

Love Nina x