Busy Women Fitness website is going to have a professional make over for 2018 so watch this space. My plans for the future of Busy Women Fitness is to add an extra evening bootcamp, a mum’s and kids bootcamp and a FREE bootcamp to various sections of the community e.g.. those that are clinically obese and don’t know where to start exercising and classes for seniors. These will be in six week blocks and the target audience will change each half term. There will also be nutritional advice as you can’t outtrain a bad diet!

Busy Women Fitness has been established for six years now and has a loyal following of Weetwood / Leeds community members as well as a few new faces each week. The introduction of the mum’s and kids bootcamp at Moorlands School throughout the Summer and Autumn terms has continued to be popular and this will expand with the introduction of new equipment and attendance incentives.

I would also like to be involved with  ‘Leeds Girls Can’ as I think this is a great idea to introduce more women in to physical activity.

If any of my current members would like to see any other classes or initiatives, please message me.

Although the website has been defunct for a year, hopefully this will change with some professional help and you will be able to use it to gain useful insights into both health and fitness to help transform your body and mind.

Many thanks for your patience during this period.



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