New  – Body Transformation Course JANUARY 2018

Following the success of the first Body Transformation Course at Rudding Park Hotel in Harrogate, places are now available for a five week course in January 2018! A New Year, a new you!!

There are some great Facebook promotions out there with some brilliant photos of sculpted abs and promise of “metabolic workouts” that will “shred fat” “melt fat” and in once instance I read “make your fat disappear!”. Often the photos are of twenty something year olds or fitness models and people are attracted to them as they think they will end up looking like them! (I have been offered 20 airbrushed photos by a web designer to promote this course…..NO THANK YOU!)

With 25 years experience in the fitness industry, I have decided to finally put my own course together….but not an online course; this is a course where you will meet and speak with me personally. We will exercise together…. I will show you the correct technique for all of your workouts and show you alternatives if you are unable to perform them, after all, not everyone can do a burpee! Over the five weeks I will educate you….. I will give you the latest up to date nutritional information, I will show you how to train harder and smarter (not everyone has an hour to train three times a week). I will tell you about ‘metabolic workouts’ that will leave you burning calories 24 hours after you have exercised; we will look at why you need fat in your diet if you are to lose weight (yes, not all fat is bad for you)! We will look at hormones and how they affect your ability to lose weight. We will visit the fitness studio and the gym and work together so that you get results. You will be given all the knowledge and tools to transform your own body. You will be given the motivation and education to make long lasting changes that if implemented, will bring life changing results. This is very different from bootcamp that only includes physical exercises.

The course is five weeks

At Rudding Park Hotel and Spa in Harrogate

Every Tuesday from 9th January 2018 – 6th February 2018

7.00pm – 8.30pm

50 minutes of exercise in fitness studio or gym

40 minutes of education in cinema room

Use of changing rooms / steam rooms

Non – members welcome

Only 10 places.

£197 for five weeks

That’s less than a personal training session per week!

Those who tend to go the distance, are those who personally invested in the outcome”

For more information email your name and mobile number to:

To secure your place, click on the link below

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