Hello and welcome to ‘Busy Women Fitness‘.

If  you have found this page, you must be thinking about wanting to make a change or improve something in your life!  You have found the right site.

As a level 3 Personal Trainer and nutritionist, I specialise in Weight Loss and Fat Loss.

I can guarantee a change in your body shape and an improved level of fitness. You will feel fitter, leaner and more energised! Your goals will be established and your progress measured and monitored.  With my full support and guidance you will get to where you want to be and in the time frame you want to get there! You will be motivated to push yourself to new levels that you didn’t think could be achieved!

Take the first steps in your committment to get fit!

Block book your personal training sessions and we can work together to achieve your goals!

Ten Personal Training Sessions, plus dietary advice and full monitoring to ensure you achieve your goals.

Usually £40 per session or £400.00 for ten sessions

Introductory Offer: £300.00 for TEN sessions

Group Personal Training – Why not work out with a friend or partner? You will still get that personal training edge and have the extra support and motivation but at a lower cost!

Three people, for TEN SESSIONS  pay only £150.00 each. That’s only £15.00 per session for fantastic results!

Two people, for TEN SESSIONS pay £199.00 each. This works out at less than £20 per session to achieve your fitness goals!

In just half an hour I can get you into your fat stores with high intensity training that will give you the same results as long, slow, continuous training! You will notice the difference and feel the results! All this for £20 per session, one to one, half hour personal training. Block book ten sessions for £199.00

All personal training is outdoors in local parks, except for specific strength training which requires specialist equipment and is therefore performed in a gym.

Why exercise outdoors:

Exercising outdoors may actually burn more calories as it requires us to overcome gravity, ground reaction forces and other environmental factors such as wind, heat and cold, as well as changes in terrain. Therefore, our bodies are required to use more muscles than in comparable gym-based exercises and as a result more calories are used up. Great if weight control or fat loss is a concern!

Once you get used to exercising outdoors, you lose the reliance on something external like a gym or health club in order to exercise. How many times have you said “I’ve been away so I haven’t been able to exercise”. Getting used to outdoor exercise means you can stick to your routine anywhere, even when you’re away on holiday and you’re more likely to keep up your normal routine.

The vitamin D gained from natural sunlight, plus the fresh air and freedom of movement, are so much more preferable to the strip lights and air conditioning of the gym any day. Did you know that some of the ‘top’ health clubs are now charging us to visit ‘oxygen rooms’, when we can have all the oxygen we want just by stepping outside?

Did you know that much of the equipment in our gyms actually contributes to postural distortion, inflexibility and muscle weakness! Fixed weight exercise machines don’t always mimic how we use of muscle groups together in real life situations leading to imbalances and potential injury. When exercising outdoors you are more likely to focus on “functional” exercises which correspond to how we use our muscles normally.

It’s so much more fun! There’s no getting away from it, gym-based exercise can become dull. Running, rowing or cycling for 20 minutes at a time, as well as repeatedly counting to 15 on resistance machines can lose its appeal.

The Big, beautiful outdoors awaits you!