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Happy new year ladies!

Hope you’ve all had a lovely Christmas and looking forward to a happy healthier new year! Bootcamp restarts on Monday 6th January 2014 until Valentines day….Friday 14th February 2014 every Monday and Friday in Meanwood Park from 9.15am and Wednesday evening at West Park Leeds Rugby Club at 6.30pm. That’s six weeks of fat burning exercises..…enough time for you to drop at least a dress size!!! You will feel the benefits after just two weeks! Exercise will  improve the quality of your sleep, help to reduce stress, give you more energy, make you fitter and able to cope with long hard days as well as improve how you feel about yourself and your confidence! Do it with like minded ladies and you will have fun along the way!

Come and join me for a free trial at any session! (New ladies only!)

You can pay for one session a week for £36 or two sessions for £72

Or Pay As You Go (PAYG) for £7 per session.

Hope to see you soon.

Please email me at busywomenfitness@live.co.uk if you have any questions.

Good luck!






Come and join these lovely ladies at Meanwood Park Bootcamp


How’s your butt doing?

This term at bootcamp I’m loving the new mini bands. What a difference they making to working your gluteus maximus (your buttocks!!)

I can feel every muscle working and i’m seeing as well as feeling the results!


Join in anytime from 4th September to 25th October 2013

IMG_1971Busy Women Fitness meets in Meanwood car park at 9.15am to collect weights, boxing gloves and mini bands for a fat burning workout every Monday, Wednesday and Friday during term time only. As usual, it is cheaper to block book your sessions instead of paying £7 for each individual session. You are also more likely to attend if you have paid in advance!





Three sessions per week (that’s 23 workouts!) costs £120, a saving of £41. The bootcamp runs over eight weeks this term…many bootcamps charge this price for just four weeks of exercise so you really are making big savings on this package!

Two sessions costs £96 instead of £112

One session per week is £45 instead of £56

Maximum numbers for bootcamp is 30

Block booking ladies will take priority over ‘pay as you go’ if the bootcamp is over subscribed.

Hope to see you soon


Back to School, back to work and back to good habits at Busy Women Fitness Bootcamp!

Come and join us!For some, September is the start of a new year! Children are starting new schools or   moving up the year groups! It’s time to make some changes if you want to achieve your goals, reach your potential and be the best you can be! Come and join a group of friendly like minded ladies for your outdoor exercise sessions. Get some fresh air and get the endorphins flowing to make you feel good for the rest of the day! Don’t get stuck in a rut! You are in control and can make it happen! Think positive and you will achieve so much more. I am here to help you ! At Busy Women Fitness we use High Intensity Interval Training (HITT) which will burn more calories and fat than any other form of exercise so you will notice the results quickly. All of the exercises have different levels to cater for all abilities so it doesn’t matter if you’re overweight and unfit or if you’re super toned….there is something for everyone. You don’t compete against anyone else other than yourself and you will feel an overwhelming sense of achievement as your break down your barriers and achieve your goals! Come and join us in Meanwood Park every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning from 9.15am-10.15am from 4th September till 25th October 2013

£1607.00 raised in Leeds Half Marathon


Busy Women Fitness entered two teams in the Leeds Half Marathon 2013. IMG_2546The week before we decided to fund raise for the event and chose two local hospices, St. Gemmas and Sue Ryder. In total we raised a whopping £1607.00! I was very proud of both their running and fundraising achievements! For the second year running we  won the Corporate Female Team Event and this year we ended up on stage to receive our trophies and champagne! The ‘B’ team also smashed their time on last year to achieve third place overall! It wasn’t about the fitness though…..it was about a group of ladies working together for each other and raising money for a good cause. I’m looking forward to next year already!



Winners of the Leeds Half Marathon Corporate Ladies Team 2013!

Winners of the 2013 Leeds Half Marathon Corporate Female Team

Countdown to summer holidays!

I love this photo! It reminds me of ‘Bootcamp in the sunshine’ when we could get on the floor to work our core, strengthen our abs, tone and stretch on the grass…it seems such a long time ago but hopefully, with only 12 weeks of Bootcamp until the school summer holidays, we will be able to ‘get down’ once again and enjoy all the benefits of outdoor fitness!

I can’t wait to get started this term as I have set myself fitness and fat loss goals and hope to be ten pounds lighter before the Busy Women Fitness ‘Bootcamp In Spain’ trip in June 2013!

After almost three weeks off I’m looking forward to gently easing my way back into exercise and you can join me!

My fat loss journey starts Monday 15th April, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday until 31st May 2013.

One session per week is only £36; two sessions £72 and three sessions £99 for eighteen Bootcamp sessions…. a saving of £27 on the PAYG fee of £7 per session!

Meet in Meanwood car park, Leeds 6 at 9.15am.

Hope to see you soon. New members welcome



Kick start your 2013 weight loss with Nina

If you can’t face joining the gym and want to exercise in the outdoors with a group of like minded supportive ladies, then come along to Nina’s Bootcamp!

Six weeks, every Monday and Friday, commencing Monday 7th January 2013 until half term on Friday 15th February 2013.

£36 for one session per week or just £67 for two.

Pay as you go is £7 per session

Bootcamp calendar, £7 or FREE  for all ladies that block book sessions


Hello ladies,

Congratulations to Lorraine Agu who was Bootcamper of the month for December 2012! With 100% attendance over the term, Lorraine’s fitness levels soared! Lorraine was presented with her certificate and ‘Therapy’ voucher (the lovely clothes store in West Park) at the Bootcamp Christmas party.

Congratulations to 'Bootcamper of the month' for December 2012 - Lorraine Agu!

What a great turnout for the Bootcamp Xmas party 2012! All 82 photos can be seen on the Busy Women Fitness Facebook Page so check them out!


Ladies, did you know there are only seven weeks until Christmas and five and a half weeks until the Busy Women Fitness Bootcamp Christmas party? However, with six weeks of Bootcamp commencing on Monday 5th November until Friday 14th December 2012, there is still time for you to tone up and slim down ready for that little black dress or party outfit!

Bootcamp is every Monday and Friday in Meanwood Park from 9.10am until 10.10am. One session per week is £35 and two sessions is just £67. Pay as you go is available if you can only attend a few sessions. This is £7 per session.

Come along and check us out! We are a group of fun, friendly ladies who workout outdoors in the fresh air rather than inside a stuffy gym. We motivate each other and laugh along the way! Feel free to join part way through the term!

Hope to meet you soon,