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Due to ‘lockdown’, sessions have been temporarily suspended


but you can still participate ONLINE!



Purchase Your Sessions Below For regular Bootcamp or see below for ONLINE INFORMATION


BOOTCAMP IS NOW ONLINE! In order to keep my members safe, Bootcamp is now delivered ‘Live’ in a Private Facebook page every Monday and Friday. Prices have been slashed to just £3 per session to cover insurance and licence free music costs and reflects the difficult times for everybody. If you would like to join, please click on the link below and upon payment, you will be added to the group. Stay at home and stay safe!

Bootcamp was first established in 2010 and was located in Beckett Park. It all started with a group of Weetwood Primary School mums wanting to tap into my knowledge and expertise to deliver an outdoor fitness class. Back in the day we wore bin liners when it rained!

As numbers increased we moved to Meanwood Park but due to the number of visiting dogs, we moved to our current location at Sports Park Weetwood, which is part of Leeds University, just off the Ring Road.

We now train every Monday and Friday at 9.20am and new equipment is introduced each year. We are all like-minded ladies at similar stages of our life so we work hard, laugh, (sometimes cry) and have fun together. The bin bags have gone and we have a saying “whatever the weather, we’re in it together” so bootcamp will never be cancelled when it’s windy, raining or snowing! You will develop an inner strength you didn’t know you had!

We have ‘performed’ in sunshine, rain, fog and snow! Once you get use to exercising outdoors, you loose the reliance on something external like a gym or health club in order to exercise. This means that you can stick to your routine and workout anywhere, even when on holiday! The fresh air, freedom of the outdoors and occasional vitamin D from natural sunlight is much healthier than the strip lights and air conditioning of a gym. Also, the machines and free weights in the gym don’t always mimic how we use our muscles in real life situations; this can lead to imbalances resulting in poor posture and potential injury. When exercising outdoors, I try and focus on “functional” exercises and movement patterns which correspond to how we use our muscles daily.

If you are interested in joining our lovely group of ladies, give me a ring so that we can discuss your goals.

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